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Electrocoin is a cryptocurrency brokerage company based in Zagreb, Croatia. Its core business involves selling and buying cryptocurrency from both retail and institutional clients. The company’s services are available to clients in the European Union.


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We focus on our exchange services available at bitcoin-mjenjacnica.hr and localbitcoins.com

Largest brokerage

The largest cryptocurrency brokerage in Croatia and one of the largest in the EU, with stable growth

In the community

Co-founders of the Croatian association for blockchain and cryptocurrency.


We take a proactive approach to regulatory issues to keep within the current legal framework.



A simple and fast service enabling clients to buy and sell cryptocurrency

Development projects

Realization of projects based on the blockchain technology


Consulting and education about the blockchain technology and industry


Specific trade deals, crypto-related issues, speaking engagements, ...


Our services enable clients to buy and sell cryptocurrency and are available on our own website at bitcoin-mjenjacnica.hr, on the LocalBitcoins platform, or through direct contact


We have successfully traded with over 6000 individual clients and concluded more than 15000 transactions on the LocalBitcoins platform.

Over the course of 5 years of actively trading on the platform, we have kept a 100% feedback score with 2800+ positive reviews.

Bitcoin mjenjačnica

Our clients can use our own website to quickly buy and sell cryptocurrency at more favorable rates through a simple interface.

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