Electrocoin d.o.o.


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Company name: Electrocoin d.o.o.
Corporate address: Ilica 15, 10000 Zagreb
Office address: please inquire by email
Personal identification number (OIB): 45841695639
VIES VAT number: HR45841695639 (verification)
Company number (MB): 04165985
Court registry file number (MBS): 080893710 (commercial court registry entry)
Executives: Nikola Škorić (li), Marin Maržić (li)


To offer a simple, fast and legal service for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the European Union in close cooperation with financial and regulatory institutions.


Becoming a leading provider of next generation payment services in Europe, and using blockchain technologies to lead innovation in the financial industry.

Company overview

Electrocoin d.o.o. is a cryptocurrency brokerage and crypto-payment processing private limited company (LLC/Ltd.) based in Zagreb, Croatia. Its core business involves selling and buying cryptocurrency from both retail and institutional clients, as well as facilitating cryptocurrency payments for merchants. The company’s services are available to clients in the European Union, dealing in Croatian Kuna (HRK) and Euro (EUR) fiat currencies, and most significant cryptocurrencies.

Nikola Škorić founded Electrocoin in February of 2014 with the goal of providing a simple, legal, and professional path to purchasing and selling bitcoin in Croatia. Marin Maržić shortly joined Nikola as the co-owner and director of the company. Nikola and Marin are the sole owners; the company has never taken any outside investments, so the entirety of Electrocoin’s capital has originated exclusively from the initial investment and organic profits from company operations.

Through the years Electrocoin has expanded its business to the rest of the European Union and to other major cryptocurrencies. Electrocoin has remained as the largest cryptocurrency broker in Croatia and has come to be one of the largest in the EU. The company’s successful operation shows that there is a growing and legitimate demand for the legal purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in Croatia and the EU, be it from private individuals, companies, or institutions that are interested in having investment exposure to cryptocurrencies, that require cryptocurrencies for payment, or that would like to develop blockchain solutions requiring them to have access to cryptocurrencies.

Apart from its core cryptocurrency trading business, Electrocoin is currently working on several blockchain-related development projects. The company has also started to offer various development, consulting, and education services related to the blockchain technology and industry in general.

Electrocoin is fully compliant with all regulations in The Republic of Croatia and has a proactive approach to regulators and legal uncertainties. A partnership has been formed with two separate attorney’s offices tasked with maintaining legal oversight of operations, ensuring that company business is in line with Croatian regulations, monitoring changes in relevant regulations, and corresponding with regulatory institutions with the aim of clearing up remaining regulatory uncertainties. Electrocoin is also the co-founder of the Croatian association for blockchain and cryptocurrency (UBIK) which aims to strengthen and build up the blockchain community in Croatia, as well as to tackle any forthcoming regulatory issues in a concerted effort.