About us

Electrocoin d.o.o. is a bitcoin brokerage company from Zagreb, Croatia. Our main focus is on acting as bureau de change for bitcoin and we operate through our web store bitcoin-mjenjacnica.hr and on LocalBitcoins.com. We are the biggest bitcoin exchanger in Croatia, growing at an average rate of 20% per month.

Since our foundation in February 2014, we have worked with Croatian regulatory institutions to build a basic legal framework for bitcoin businesses. We commenced operations in September of 2014. In 2015 we solidified our operations and accounting infrastructure and expanded our banking network. As of Q4 2016 our main activities include expanding into the SEPA area and the SEE region.

Postal address: Rukavec 5, 10090 Zagreb, Croatia
Email address: info@electrocoin.hr

VIES VAT number: HR45841695639 verify
Year founded: 2014
CEOs: Nikola Škorić (ln), Marin Maržić (ln)

Public key: keybase.io/electrocoin